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List of some Breakfast options

List of some Breakfast options – Breakfast Is the most important meal of the day. It also affects your mindset and thought process. So, if you want to be in a good mood throughout the day, have a good breakfast. and more latest update visit Assamjobupdates.com


But what Exactly is a  breakfast?

We are always told that the breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Also, you should eat lots of carbohydrates during breakfast,The breakfast focus more on proteins, nuts, berries and small number of complex carbohydrates

Here is a list of some breakfast options

  • Homemade idli, dosa, uttapam (homemade batter made by fermenting brown rice and urad dal in equal quantities)
  • Homemade ragi idli, dosa and uttapam with coconut chutney
  • Indian Paratha or thalipith with pudina chutney (paratha or thalipith flour ingredients given separately below)
  • Two whole eggs bhujuri (cooked in ghee) + half avocado (fat- burning breakfast)
  • Homemade yoghurt or curd with a banana, berries, ten almonds, ten walnuts, one tablespoon pumpkin seeds and one tablespoon flax seeds (fat-burning breakfast bowl)
  • Breakfast smoothie can include spinach, curd, banana, apple, five almonds, five walnuts, five cashews, one tablespoon pumpkin seeds, one tablespoon chia seeds
  • Brown rice porridge, ragi porridge or bajra porridge

There is some confusion that I want to clear about white rice and brown rice. When you compare both brown and white you relise that as compared to white rice, brown rice is richer in fibre, B-complex vitamins and other micronutrients. The problem is its digestibility, because of which many nutritionists recommend white rice over brown rice. the reason why brown rice is difficult to digest and interferes with the absorption, this is a natural compound present in brown rice and many other lentils. When water, phytic acid is released and the process of germination begins, similarly, when we consume brown rice or any other lentils ( moon,, matki, masoor, peas, rajma and the sprouted ones over the soaked. They get cooked faster. They are very easy to digest. I am going to list some of them below here

benefits of sprouting or soaking brown rice, wheat and all the lentils and beans

  • People suffering from gluten intolerance can consume sprouted wheat or sourdough bread. They are digested well and do not cause any gut irritation or inflammation
  • They are super filling and avert any other craving by satisfying your hunger.
  • Sprouts are one of best sources of digestible protein for vegetarians’ vegans

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