Emotionally, you don't really know where you are standing. You are feeling good, but you are missing the connection you had with your family.



Drink more tea and try meditation. Slowly, but surely, your ruling planet makes all your hard work pay off. This is not the time to loan anybody money, or reckless spending



You are going to face a lot of negative and positive emotions. Try to relax toady and if you are seeing a therapist, tell them about this. Your career is going great,


You miss some people that used to be a very important part of your life. Remember why you cut out certain toxic people. By nature, you are very hard working and strategic



A lot has happened in the past few days and you just need a moment to recollect. Your emotions are going to be a bit wild today, so be prepared for that.


There is some tension in the air because of previous events. Do something that will get rid of that negative energy


In order for you to grow, you need to face your fears and deal with them in a healthy way. Talk to the people that you love. Everything is fine work,


You are feeling good and there is positive energy all around you. People are very drown to


Emotionally, you feel good. However, with the Moon sending you powerful and very emotional energy, you are going to think about the past. Think about the future instead.


You need to start working on facing your fears. It's something that has been hindering you for a long time, and because of that, your full potential isn't shining through.


Spending time with a Gemini will help you feel more balanced and focused which will help you with the many challenges that lay ahead. You feel driven


You are never truly satisfied with how things are. This is something that you need to work on. Feel proud of the good things that you have done