If you are in a relationship, someone might cross your way and complicate things for you. You will have to make a decision. Try to hurt anyone's feelings


You will feel an urgent need to communicate. knowing what the right answer is will help you resolve living together problems


Your success with casual encounters increases your self-esteem. It also increase your loneliness and emptiness


Do not forget that sometimes, intelligence is more important than purchasing power for business


You will find arrogance and will in the eyes of one of your workmates. Do not leave room for misunderstanding.


New staff at work will make you feel at risk. show experience also counts.


Avoid any impulsive reaction with your bosses today. If you show arrogance, you will have problems. Just don't argue


If you normally tend to over spend. Even though this will not hurt you in the short term, it can complicate things in the future


Work relationships are not good right now. You will be asked to show some autonomy and intiiative


Your work be complicated at first but will get better as hours go by.


Push yourself as much as possible to achieve your goals. Do not take your body to limits or else you will end up risk.


When looking to combine forces, you do not know whom you can trust. If you join forces with the right person, many doors will open for you

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